The UCM Process

Urban Commercial Mortgage has a smooth application, underwriting and closing process from beginning to end.

The following outlines our approach: 


Qualify the Transaction:

Pre-qualify investment and sponsor, aggressively testing assumptions and capabilities to gauge risks and set expectations.

Define Financing Objectives:

Identify client needs and financing alternatives.  Establish acceptable parameters such as capital structure, target financing amounts and other terms such as pricing, prepayment, timing, recourse, covenants, etc.

Analyze the Asset:

Gather relevant data on the subject property and conduct preliminary financial analysis.

Conduct Market Research:

Validate and update our knowledge on the market including conducting a physical tour, gathering market diligence, and reviewing the provided project information.

Market the Transaction:

Present the investment opportunity to our group of potential financial sources.  Distribute materials to authorized representatives in both electronic and hard-copy format. Answer underwriting questions in great detail on behalf of the client.  

Present Alternatives:

Summarize and catalogue alternatives that satisfy the client’s financing objectives, recommending the most beneficial solution. 

Alternative Funding:

Maintain a ready standby list of financing sources in the unlikely event that unforeseen circumstances obstruct timely closing.

Process Financing:

Negotiate the financing application and loan documents and loan agreements.  Coordinate the due diligence process and close the transaction.   Interface with title, escrow, attorneys, etc to assure a smooth closing.  



  • Urban Commercial Mortgage procured me the working capital I needed during this economic crisis which allowed to grow my business and capitalize opportunities. By leveraging my industrial warehouse at a fantastic long term rate I am positioned to emerge from this downturn stronger than ever. Urban Commercial found a solution that nobody else could and hung in with me longer than anyone else would.
    - Luis Beita
    President, Beita Brothers
    Houston, Texas
  • Urban Commercial Mortgage helped us restructure debt and equity in a way that immediately serves our company‚Äôs short and long term growth. As an international importer, being able to capitalize on both pricing and exchange rate opportunities as they arise is a key element to our business.
    Where others failed to find the value, Urban Commercial Mortgage took a hands-on approach and guided us through the procurement, documentation and closing processes. It has been a profitable experience for us.
    - Giampaolo Nundini
    President, Nundini Enterprises Inc.
    Houston, Texas
  • Urban Commercial Mortgage is great to work with. In a market where brokers worry about being protected, not only do we not have that worry with Urban but they value what we add to the transaction and compensate us very fairly
    - Jon F.
    Mortgage Broker
  • The entire team at Urban Commercial Mortgage was instrumental in obtaining a long term, low interest rate loan on my commercial building. As a global executive with a complex business structure, I require not only experts in real estate financing but highly astute financial minds in meeting my lending needs. At every turn, UCM was able to meet my needs and position my company to succeed in a challenging credit climate. I highly recommend UCM for any real estate financing and encourage anyone to take advantage of the financial expertise they offer.
    - Mathew Knowles
    CEO, Music World Entertainment
  • I've worked with Urban Commercial Mortgage to close numerous transactions. They are highly qualified and efficient to work with. They are able to find creative solutions to get loans done. Urban Commercial Mortgage is a valuable lending partner and I look forward to working with them in the future.
    - Chad Call
    Vice President, Zions Bank